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Last updated 12/24/04

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12-21-04 09:30 14:10 on 12-23-04 185.2 Melbourne, Fl Marsh Harbour, Ba


Sea Conditions

Wind SE 05 to 20 knots
1 FT to 10 FT


This was the long sail during our voyages. We had a short window and took it. We start the trip at Melboure down the ICW to Fort Pierce and out to the ocean for the crossing. We were to come on the Bahamain Bank ot Manitilla Shoal. This is a great place to enter. It is about 7 miles wide and 40 ft of water. The only trouble was the winds were to be SE at 5kts. They were SE 10-15kts, This created waves 10-12 ft. The crossing was not fun!!!. We had a total of 58 Gals of fuel. Which should have gotten us to Green Turtle with 15-20 gals left. The crossing eat up 3/4 of the fuel supply, So we made a change at Anchored off of Spanish Cay till the marina opened to get fuel. We had 2 gals left. Way to close for me. We also cleared Customs there. Then continued to Marsh Harbour. On a lighter side during the crossing Lynn said something just hit me I think it was a peice of paper. I said we are in the middle of the ocean it can't be paper. Then we looked in the cockpit it was a flying fish. Merry Christmas to all.

Melbourne Harbour Melbourne, FL

Phone (321) 725-9054 VHF 16 Price $1.50 Per Ft.

Marsh Harbour Marina, BA

Phone (242) 367-2700 VHF 16 Price $11.00 Per Ft. per month