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Nov. 2004
Dec. 2004

Last updated 12/24/04

Liberty Journals - DEC. 2004

Marsh Harbour, Ba
We will get out today to see some friends. Glad to be Back.
Spanish Cay, Ba
At 8:00 Am we fueled up and cleared customs and headed for Marsh Harbour. As always the wind was on the nose the whole trip.
Manitilla Shoal, Ba
This was the worst crossing. The forecast was SE winds 5 Kts. Well the winds were SE 10-20 knots We had waves 10-12 ft. It was ugly but we didn't feel that there was any danger and the boat handled it just fine. Lynn get hit with a flying fish. Another bad part of the crossing was fuel . we used 75% of out fuel to get across the ocean. This put us very low on fuel. So we changed your plans and anchored off of Spanish Cay at 9:30 at night. The next morning to fuel up and clear customs. We had one Gal left in the tank and the spare tank were empty.
Fort Pierce, FL
We motored from Melbourne to Fort Pierce down the ICW. The trip was very comfortable. It seemed like the was more water depth. We got to Fort Pierce rounded the corner and went out the inlet to do the crossing.
Melbourne, FL
We took the boat out for the first time to goto Melbourne to begin the trip to Marsh Harbour, BA The boat performed perfectly. We were at Melbourne last year. This is a nice marina with a lot to do around the town. We met Ray from Resolve which we sail down the ICW from Charleston the year before. We are getting ready for our 146 mile crossing to Green Turtle Cay on Tuesday.