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Last updated 05/15/05

Liberty Journals - APR/MAY. 2005

Libery does get out
This is the first time that Liberty has left the dock since arriving on 12/22. We went to our Favorite spot (Tihiti Beach). We will be here till Monday. We are looking forward to a visit from Brad and Cathy on the 23rd.
Cybersail Gets Around
As everyone knows tha Cybersail sunk during Jeanne (9/22/04). When we went to Florida to replace Cybersail. We seen her on the Hard in Fort Pierce, Fl.(11/05/04). The in Jan (05) we seen Cybersail listed on Ebay. On Jan 15th Cybersail was sold for $8025.00 on Ebay.
Today we received an email from the people that purchased her because they found one of our cards in the boat. The boat is in their back yard and they are refurbishing Cybersail (See Pictures) Cybersail is now in Hungry where Kata and Zoltan are putting Cybersail back to life. Wow that boat get around.
Every Saturday night they have steak night (1 lb steak) and a party to follow. We usally don't miss it. On Wed. they have Rib night We always get there to. The Jibroom is located in the Marina where we are.
Cherokee Sound
Took a car ride to Cherokee Sound about 20 miles away. We went to the SandBar, Which is located at the end of a 100 ft dock. After that we went to the Settlement. Boy the roads are skinny there.